Online NSW R Licence Testing

We offer online testing for the NSW Restricted Game Licence (R licence) 

Online R-Licence Testing

The club is now providing online testing most days of the week for the NSW Restricted Game Licence for those people who wish to hunt in declared NSW State Forests.

The DPI have released a new R-Licence Accreditation Course. We will continue to offer the new course in a no-contact format, so hunters can get qualified and licensed to hunt in declared State Forests. 

What you will need:

- Valid email address

- Computer or smartphone with reliable internet connection

- Video chat capabilities 

To book an R-Licence test click Online R licence booking calendar. The calendar will allow you to chose, pay and book a date and time that suits you. When you book the test you will be emailed all course reading material. Your trainer will contact you and send their contact details. You will be able to log-into the test session using the ZOOM link that was sent to you when you booked. 


Eligibility for a NSW Restricted Game Licence

To be eligible for A NSW Restricted Game Licence you need to be a member of an Approved Hunting Organisation (AHO). If you are a member of a hunting club or organisation you should check with the DPI at to confirm that they are an AHO.

If you are not a member of an AHO you can join the hunting club by clicking Join or Renew. Please note you must remain a member of an AHO for your Restricted Game Licence to remain valid.


How do I apply for my R-Licence when I complete the test?


Click this link to be taken to the DPI website and create a new application.

1) Fill in all your personal details then hit the continue button.

2) The next page is the address page answer the overseas visitor question and then fill in your address details, then hit the continue button.

2) Under “Licence Details” select Restricted Standard from the drop-down list, this type will allow you to hunt game on both private and public land.

3) Select how long you want to have the licence for, select any concessions that may apply to you, put your firearms licence number in (if you have one), then select the categories for your licence this must match your R Licence Accreditation certificate provided by NDHC (Firearms, Bows, Dogs, Black Powder).

NOTE: If you do not yet have a valid firearms licence, you can still apply for the firearm's category but can not legally hunt with firearms until you hold a valid firearms licence.

4) Native Game Birds is a separate assessment and provided only by the DPI. Do not tick unless you have previously completed a Water Foul Identification Test.

5) In the accreditation field select your AHO from the drop-down list, enter your accreditation number this is the red number in the top right corner of your accreditation certificate and enter your trainer's number will be handwritten in the middle section called "Hunter LEAP Trainer Number".

6) Upload all documents applicable to your application.

7) Answer all the questions in the declaration section.

8) Fill in your payment details

9) The DPI will send you a confirmation email giving you a username and temporary password. On first login to the DPI website, you will need to change your password.