About Us

Following the 1996 Port Arthur tragedy, the Hon John Tingle from the Shooters Fishers and Farmers party convinced the NSW Government that membership to a hunting club should be recognised as a genuine reason for having a firearms licence.

The decision to have hunting clubs recognised was based on the large number of shooters in NSW that were hunters. At the time a small group of like-minded hunters got together and formed the Federation of Hunting Clubs which became a peak association which allowed individual hunting clubs to affiliate with them.   

Newcastle District Hunting Club was formed in 1997 by John Howden and Mayfield firearms dealer Daniel Harrison with the club quickly affiliating with the Federation of Hunting Clubs.

The club not only provides a genuine reason for firearms owners to keep their licences it provides advice on hunting and facilitates mandatory firearms safety training for people wishing to get into the sport of shooting.

In 2015 the club became an approved hunting organisation recognised by the NSW Department of Primary Industries this allowed members of the club to be eligible to hold a NSW Restricted Game Licence, at the same time the club started facilitating the testing for the Restricted Game Licence.

The club continues to provide training and advice for shooters and hunters and provides opportunities for shooters to develop their shooting skills.

In 2023 the club added long arm and pistol target shooting approval to the club. This has allowed the club to broaden its membership and provide more opportunities for members to engage in different shooting disciplines.